Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Project Atoll Update 2: One foot after the other

Time for the slightly late Project Atoll update number 2!  What has happened in the past month and how have I been spending my time?  Well I had a holiday last week, but the biggest announcement this month is that I’ve finally decided on a (working) title for the story.  After a lot of thought and deliberation, with several thousand possibilities fighting it out for the honour in a battle to the death, it has been decided.  Without further ado, I give you (until I freak out and change it) the title:

Those Paths We Walk

Yes, the (working) title of Project Atoll is ‘Those Paths We Walk’ and I’m pleased with it.  You may be thinking to yourself ‘Gee, originality much’ or ‘Could you be anymore clich√©’ or maybe even ‘Dammit Robbie, you beyond suck’ but for me, the title fits well.  I’m not trying to convey some sort of magical world filled with witches and demons where all sorts of unbelievable incidents occur.  Instead, I’m writing a story that follows three protagonists as they deal with their lives and the potential problems that can occur as a result of their very human choices.  Sometimes, the paths they take converge and they can work together and are there for each other but they are often forced to face their demons alone but, just like us all, they are always moving forward…hence the title.

So, there you go.  Love it or hate it, that’s the title (for now).  So what else has happened over the past month?  Well, I’ve been concentrating (still) on expanding the storyline and fleshing out the key events.  This has turned the previous two and a half pages of overview into ten and a half pages and I’m not even halfway through the story yet either.  Previously, all I was doing was writing down key events that I wanted to happen in the correct order, to get an idea of how the story was going to proceed.  Now, I’ve been concentrating on expanding what happens in each of these key events e.g. highlighting potential motions and actions or deciding the topics that will be discussed: just adding some detail in general. 

Although it isn’t script just yet (minus what I’ve already wrote), it’s getting closer and I’m starting to get a picture of what the characters will be doing in each scene and the end results.  Once I’ve completed this round of writing, my next move is to expand it further and add in non-plot related scenes to flesh out the characters and the story as well as inject a little bit of humour into it.  Then, if it’s good enough, I can start writing the actual script.  It’s a long process but I want to make sure it’s done well right from the start.  

Annoyingly, due to how I’m writing it, I can’t really reveal that much as they are all key incidents and it could spoil the story for you.  What I can tell you though is that I’ve finalised the timeframe of the story: 7 months.  So, that’s it from this month’s update.  As usual, feedback is very welcome.  See you Sunday.

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