Monday, 10 August 2015

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrreessss ROBBIE!

Ooft, it is time for a quick blogging update but before that, it is time for an announcement: ALL IS BACK TO NORMAL!  Yes, indeed we will be back to the weekly updates!  Yes, you can put Tuesday back into your calendars as you will once again get your weekly blog fix.  And to make it even better, I have a new blogging station:

Oh yes, gone is the rather bohemian days of me sitting cross-legged on my bed typing.  Nope, we are ushering in a militant, duel monitor, sitting-at-a-desk blogging machine.  Or something like that. 

Ok, so I’ve digressed slightly but now back on track!  Yes, my update this week is that I moved in with my long-term girlfriend a couple of weeks ago!  Exciting (and sorry again Ulla, for not telling you...)!!!

Now, more on that to come over the next few weeks as I settle down but that’s why there have been no blog recently….a mixture of unpacking and lack of internet.

But that ends now!  I’m connected to the internet again and I am raring to go!

See you all next week!

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Ticking over

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Just a quick update as I will be pretty busy for a while!  You see, I'm moving this week.  This was already the plan but this time, it's about a month early!  So, I am going to be packing and getting other things sorted out!  Yup, due to circumstances, my timetable has been moved forward.

Yup, so this is an apology post just to keep you ticking over but I did get to attend a fantastic stag party, and I hope you enjoyed it John!  That's for another week though

To make up for the short post, please enjoy this picture of Ollie.

See you all next week for a proper blog!

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Yes, the internet has cats.

Hello, hello, hello! It’s everyone’s favourite time of the week!  New blog time!  And this week, I was away at the Edinburgh Ale festival!  Oh yes, around 180 different beers (plus ciders and perry) for you to try!  You pay £6 to get your ticket which lets you into every day of the event…oh, and your ticket is a pint glass!  Once you get in, all the drinks are available in thirds, halves and pints.  I personally tried ‘The Di’els awa with ye’, ‘Ghost Town Porter’ and ‘Smoked Porter’ and they were delicious.  However, this isn’t what my blog is about!  Nope, it’s time for what I’ve learned about cats!  You see, I haven’t had much experience with cats before, other than maybe a night but now I’ve been able to spend some considerable time with them!  So below, I’m listing my casual observations about our feline friends!

1.       They are the night
Now, nobody really likes just wandering around in the dark at the best of times but seeing their eyes glinting in the darkness at 3:12am is terrifying.  It seems likes they just stay awake at night just to freak you out.

2.       They play by pub rules
Oh yes, the moment you stand up, its fair game for your seat!  They will take it without a second thought.  Hell, I’ve woken up at night to find myself slanted across the bed and one of the cats is sleeping where my feet should have been. I...I don't even know how!

3.       They are playful at all the wrong times
I really love playing with animals but not at 2:38am, after one of them jumps on my face.  Nor at 5:09 when one of them decides to climb to the top of a door frame.  Not even at 4:15am when one of them decides to shear the carpet.

4.       Boxes are utterly fantastic
Just like when you buy a child a cutting edge toy, and all the want to do is play with the box, cats are mesmerised.  I was unboxing some stuff and within minutes, they were enamoured and sitting in it.  Then fighting over it and sitting on each other in it.  I think I now want a box... 

5.       They are utterly adorable
Yes, yes they are.  Once one of them rolls onto his/hers back and purrs against you whilst weaving, your heart will melt.  Mines certainly did!  I dare you not to be moved.

OK, so my observations may not be the most cutting edge but I feel like I learned something!  Also, I found out that when they ‘weave’, they are actually marking you with scent glands.  So now you smell.

Pick of the Week

CCleaner – This week is the turn of a useful software program that I’ve been using for years.  CCleaners role is simple: clean up your computer.  It can clean up your browser, remove useless registry links, analyse your disk and remove programs: all in one program.  A great little system to have and easy to use as well.

Music of the Week

And now for something a bit different!  Dan Bull - Dishonoured...the idea is simple: he takes a a video game trailer, and makes a rap out of it.  Enjoy.

See you all next week!