Sunday, 24 March 2013

Oh, how I hate filler material

So, another week is completed and I am pretty exhausted as I have worked on Friday evening, Saturday early afternoon and Sunday afternoon.  As such, I have to be honest and admit that I haven’t exactly had the time nor the energy to write a proper blog entry.  This really disappointed me as I have had such a good streak recently that I really didn’t want to have to stop.  However, then I realised I did have an option!  Nonsense!  Or, to be more precise, a couple of small posts I wrote on Facebook before I ever started a blog.  So, for everyone’s amusement (I am will assume laughing at me, not with me), I will post these completely unedited below.  Before I do that, I do have one announcement:

I passed!
Indeed, I am now a 6th kup green below, from a 10th kup white belt!  I’m somewhat pleased!  Not only that but I remember that the college is closed for Holi on Tuesday!  Extra day off!  Today is a good day!  Ok, with that done, it’s time for my badly written (worse than normal – Ed) articles!

Old Posts

Ok, here is the 1st one…entitled ‘Train Station Simulator’.  I’m pretty sure I was trying to be funny here…this is the reason why I set the goal of being funny once a year.  Anything else is just a bonus and I’m not under too much pressure:

‘DO YOU LIKE FUN??? We thought not! That is why we are bringing out the train station simulation program! With over 2 different station perfectly recreated, you can enjoy the reality of a train station without leaving your computer! You can:
- Visit the shop in the station and not buy anything because you think it is stupidly expensive
- Pay 30p to use quite often dirty toilets! Yes, we recreate the dirt for that authentic feel
- Buy your train ticket, from either a machine or a person!!!
- Sit and wait for your train!!!
Buy now and you can get the train station VIP room for free!!!’

After that slightly embarrassing start, time for ‘Evolution of the Superhero’.  This was supposed to be a satirical look at superheroes and world problems.

'Well then, today I was having a cup of tea in Cumnock and was reading The Independent when I came across an article on Superman and how, in his new reincarnation, wears Jeans instead of the red underwear! Interesting but the article then went on about how the cartoon evolved e.g. how he fought the Nazis, then communists and terrorists etc. This was obviously depending on the time of writing but it got me thinking, about the future of comic books and where they would head. So I have thought about some future directions the comic book industry could take, in the context of current and future problems:

  • Superman  vs Climate Change
  • The Human Torch vs forest fires
  • The Flash and the reduction of carbon footprints
  • Aquaman vs rising sea levels
  • Wonderwoman and planned parenthood programs
  • X-men vs rising populations
  • The Blob vs food management
  • Batman teams up with Iron man to fight poverty'

The sad thing is I would probably read a couple of these…anyhow, the third is called ‘Spotify Letter’.  Obviously I was unhappy that they had limited the amount of music that you could listen to but now that has been changed!  Yay, I can pretend I actually helped!

Dear Spotify,
Spotify, you have changed. During summer, we would make a massive playlist, get a beer or two and just listen to the music and relax? Or how, when I was stressing about exams or uni work, you would always know what songs to play to calm me down? However, recently you have seemed different...cold and detached almost. Only letting me play a song 5 times? Even that I could put up with but then you betrayed me. Only 2.5 hours a week? Unforgivable! You used to be cool.

Sincerely yours,
The Spotify community
WebRepOverall rating 

Pick of the Week 

Global Knives - OK, I'm not much of a chef but I like to pretend I am.  I also like to cook a new/interesting dish at least once a week plus I do all my own cooking.  As such, I'm getting into a place where I want to invest in some cooking apparatus that I can keep for a long time.  Global knives are one such item.  Now, I admit that these knives are an investment and are quite pricey but I plan to keep these for a long time and dear god, are these knives sharp.  Made with an ice-tempered stainless steel blade, these knives will cut through most things like butter and they come in a huge range of knives, for all cooking possibilities (I will point out your fingers are one thing they cut like butter...just trust me on this one).  Currently I have two of these knives and I would highly recommend them to anyone with an interesting in cooking: they are well worth the investment!  

Music of the Week

Hmm, what kind of mood am I in this week?  Think I will take a change of pace this week and highlight seasick Steve: perhaps the coolest old man in existance!  This is his song 'Started out with Nothing'.  Enjoy

Well, I managed to stumble through another blog post this week, thanks to my backlog of previous posts.  However, my regular blog updates should start again next week!  Until then, I'm going to sit on my couch and feel that I'm a little more promised in my blog last time!

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