Sunday, 14 April 2013

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Before I get into my usual blog, I would like to wish all my Nepali friends, colleagues and readers a very happy new year!  As of today, it’s 2070 and I hope that it’s a great year for everybody!  I know that it’s been an exciting and eventful year for all and I hope that this one is just the same!

Now then, I’m in a good mood this week for various reasons.  So far, this is because of:

  • A great breakfast with my friend Binay (in fact, the place we had breakfast had brilliant croissants and plain yoghurt).  Good food, good company and good conversation meant a great start to my weekend
  • I finally found sake!  Yes, ever since Japan, I’ve been searching for a place that sells it and now I have.  Just down the road from me as well!  Hello Japanese cooking!
  • My blog linked was advertised on MC Lars' facebook, which meant it was broadcast to 32,000 people!  This actually re-ignited my interest in interviewing again and I’ve now started contacting people for just that.
  • My taekwondo instructor, Ashock took me to the Monkey Temple for my work-out, allowing for an amazing session surrounded by nature, temples and monkeys.
  • A very successful dungeon and dragons session which showed that we are getting to grip with all the rules/
  • The thought that in two weeks, I’ll be back home seeing my friends, family and eating lots of food and drinking lots of beer!

Altogether this makes me a happy bunny but it actually doesn’t leave a huge amount to talk about.  That is unless you want me to go into really fine detail about the yoghurt I had (there was honey) or about the dungeon and dragons session we had (we slew a dragon after accidently annoying it).  As such, I was a little bit stumped about what I could write about it and I actually had no idea what I was going to talk about when I started.  However, it struck me as I was being driven to the temple that I hadn’t done a list recently nor have I spoken about anything anime related in a while!  So, I give you:

My Top Five Anime Fights!

In anime, particularly Shonen style anime, there are a lot of action scenes shown and for a variety of reasons:  for loved ones; for justice or revenge; to prove themselves; or even just for fun.  There are just a huge amount of reasons for them all and they are usually entertaining to watch.  Based on this, I’ve made a list of the five best anime fights I’ve seen and put them here for them to enjoy.  Disclaimer: I do not condone violence in real life but anime is not real life, so lighten up a little.   

*SPOILERS* Also, it is worth noting that there are potential spoilers throughout this entire section.  If you are watching one of the series and are unsure if you’ve not seen it, do not watch the video or read the description.  You have been warned!  Other than that, sit back and enjoy some awesome fight scenes that might just brighten up your Sunday afternoon and evening!

1. Ichigo vs Byakuya (Bleach, season 3)

Ok, the background is that Ichigo, the protagonist of Bleach, has invaded the Soul Society (home of the Soul Reapers) to rescue his friend, Rukia.  However, Byakuya (her brother) is hell bent on doing his duty as a Captain and killing Ichigo and ensuring that Rukia is executed.  A brilliant fight that highlights Ichigo's potential and how far he is willing to go to help his friends as well as showing the devastating power of a full blown captain.  Below is a fragment of the fight (as it lasts a while) but, if it gets your interest, you can see the full fight here.

2. Rock Lee vs Gaara

At stage 3 of the students final test, the lovable loser and fan favourite Rock Lee is forced to fight the sadistic and psychotic Gaara in a duel (who eventually becomes a fan favourite as well).  Part of the reason Rock Lee is a fan favourite is because of his lack of ninja abilities.  In fact, the only thing he is good at is taijutsi (close combat) which he trained to perfection, eventually equalling those with access to all skills.  On the other hand, there is Gaara, a cold-blooded killer who carries a sand demon inside of him that protects him from most damage and gives him access to unbelievable power.  This particular fight represents Rock Lee's near victory and is the moment that Rock Lee became a favourite.  It also reveals the true power that Rock Lee actually has and highlights just how dangerous Gaara is.  Below is an AMV of the fight but you can see the full fight here.

3. Blackstar vs Mifune (Soul Eater)

Now then, this is actually the 2nd out of 3 fights between these two but it's my favourite as the 'bad guy' actually wins.  Now, I won't dicuss the details about Mifune but I really enjoyed this particular fight as Mifune is a mere human samurai with nothing but sheer skill against a Meister: basically an agent of death, armed with a human weapon: a human that can turn into an empowered weapon.  Below is the full fight.

4.  Kirito and the deaths of the Moonlight Black Cats (Sword Art Online)

Now then, this is the odd one out as it isn't the best action scene in Sword Art Online.  It is, however, one of the most emotional.  Sword Art Online is an anime in which 10,000 people are trapped in a virtual reality game and should you die in the game, you die in real life.  Kirito, hero and loner, eventually accepts an offer to join a guild: the Moonlight Black Cats, a low level and small guild that is more of a group of friends than a guild.  However, Kirito lies about his level (which is much higher) and bonds with them all, especially a girl named Sachi.  Due to him keeping his level secret, the group stumble into a trap which cause them all to be killed, even Sachi.  Again, not the best fight scene but it makes the list for the emotional depth within the fight and the full episode and the fact that this fuels part of the story.  Below is a small clip of them being overwhelmed as I couldn't find any clips of the full fight.
5.  Mugen Vs Sara (Samurai Champloo)

This is a little cliched but I'll be damned if it doesn't do things well.  Mugen is a power and skilled (if rough) swordsman and Sara is a blind assassin whom he is attracted to and their fight is one to the death.  This riverside fight in the rain is short but reveals some of the characters true nature as Sara ultimately refuses to kill Mugen, despite having a clear advantage.

Honourable Mention 1: Pain vs the Leaf Village (Naruto)

I didn't include this fight as it is actually several fights grouped into about ten episodes but this is still one of my favourite story arcs and easily my favourite large scale battle.  The clip below shows the antagonist Pain annihalating the main Naruto


Honourable Mention 2: Coyote Stark vs Kyoraku Shunsui (Bleach)

I'll be honest and say that Coyote Stark is one of my favourite antagonists and his final fight is a brilliant one at that.  It's a great moment where both contenders aren't that interested in fighting but do so out of respect for each other plus it's just a fun one to watch.  Again, this was actually part of a large battle so I didn't actually include it.

Pick of the Week

Sword Art Online - A fairly new anime series with 25 episodes currently out and it's one of the best Shonen animes out there (had to see that coming, didn't you?).  As mentioned earlier, the idea behind the story is that people are trapped in a virtual world where if you die, you die in real life.  It follows the story of Kirito and Asuna as they work to try and escape the fiendish game.  It's a well rounded story with well-written characters, great action scenes and a fairly original storyline that keeps you hooked until the end.  

Music of the Week

Not sure who to highlight today as I've not really had much music playing at all but, seeing as they have been featured in several videos I've posted, I'll go with Linkin Park - Lost in the Echoes.  Enjoy!

Right, time for me to wrap it up as I've actually been working on this since 9:30am and it is now 9:10pm but you'd never tell, eh?  See you next week people.

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